Thursday, January 21, 2010

YA- Palooza at the Beaverton Library

I've been busy lately. Busy running. Busy cooking and eating; my favorite winter sports. Busy trying to break my obsessive social networking habits. And, thankfully, busy writing.

But I just heard about an event that's got me wanting to drop everything and pick up some YA fiction. Oregonians have got access to some delectable home-grown authors, five of whom will talk about their work, their writing processes and publishing.Who? You may ask, and I'll tell you:

  • Lisa Schroeder (I Heart You, You Haunt Me, Chasing Brooklyn, and Far From You)
  • L.K. Madigan (2010 William C. Morris Award Winner! Flash Burnout)
  • Christine Fletcher (Ten Cents A Dance, Tallulah Falls)
  • April Henry (Torched, Shock Point, and Face of Betrayal)
  • Laini Taylor (National Book Award Finalist! Blackbringer, Silksinger, and Lips Touch Three Times)
Where? The Beaverton Library
When? Wednesday, January 27th, from 7-8:30 PM.

Now I'm busy making room for it in my schedule. I'll be there!


April Henry said...

See you soon!

Amy Baskin said...

Looking forward to meeting you, April!