Thursday, January 13, 2011

An Open Letter to the TODAY Show
Dear TODAY Show Representatives:

I am writing to let you know how disappointed I am that this year's Newbery/ Caldecott recipients were bumped from your show today.
I try, but somehow cannot hide from 'Snooki'. I do not need to know about her ghost-written memoir. I am asking you for less reality television junk pseudo-news and more about quality literature for children. Even in these times when we are numbed to the bone by 'shocking' TV dreck, I trust in the integrity of your viewers and their ability to enjoy the subtleties that good literature can afford their children.

I would greatly appreciate a response to this.

Thank you in advance,
Amy Baskin
Portland, Oregon

P.S. I also posted my letter on your website and am encouraging others to provide their feedback here as well.


Amber J. Keyser said...

I fired off a letter to the Today Show just now. Arrgh!

Amy Baskin said...

Thanks, Amber! I've got no real beef with Snooki, but bumping the medal winners last minute for anything is poor, poor form.

Nina Mansfield said...

I am going to send my letter right now. As a teacher and a writer, I am really, really disappointed with their decision.

Amy Baskin said...

Thanks, Nina. We can't let this one go without a fight. It's too painful a commentary on the state of our public and school library spending, and our cultural priorities in general.

Anonymous said...

What a shame that the TODAY Show did that. I'm sure it only had to do with ratings, but why give Snooki anymore TV time?