Wednesday, April 29, 2015

FLOTUS Shoulders World Opinion at Japan State Dinner—free verse #NationalPoetryMonth

I've got all kinds of time for Michelle Obama. Her light is bright and only seems to grow more radiant the more she shares of herself. Whether she's helping service members, youth with education goals, or getting kids to move, she puts herself out there with passion and unharnessed joy. Most First Ladies have looked overly practiced, careful, guided and guarded, but not Michelle.  Her hyper intelligence, compassion, and humor are completely disarming. Her carriage reflects her confidence and willingness to reach out to others. The fact that she's a knockout and can rock a frock is, for me, the least interesting thing about her.

And yet—
when I saw this picture today, I needed to give her props for her visible achievements.

FLOTUS Shoulders World Opinion at Japan State Dinner

Over fifty years since
Jackie wore a sleeveless shift to Jack's
One of these people is doing her own thang. Photo credits: NBC.
State of the Union speech
folks still debate whether
Michelle has
the right to bare arms
doesn't she know the
Japanese find naked shoulders
her skin is too accessible
just like 
the price tag of her evening gown
in the hundreds, not the thousands
where is her self-respect?
where is her respect for the nation?
She carries it all
in those sleek

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