Thursday, April 16, 2015

Minute Poem Madness! Mine, and a contribution from Judi Korpi Webb #NationalPoetryMonth

My Blues needs to have things spelled out, like Marvin K.
Have you ever let yourself luxuriate in your own tear bath? I'm not talking clinical depression here, I'm talking about wallowing in your own worries just a tad past what might be appropriate.

Well, I have. I admit it. I typically indulge on those grey steel-cold days, when I should give myself a kickstart with a some hard-core yoga but end up climbing back in bed once the kids have headed off to school.

Hey- I'm not proud to divulge this lesser side of me, but mistakes have been made! I thought of those occasions last week when Allison Joseph posted this prompt:
-->"Write a poem in which 'the blues' shows up, hangs out, gets to know you, and then just up and leaves." So I wrote a little minute poem about one of those times. I pictured "The Blues" as a leech in the vein of Dr. Seuss' Marvin K. Mooney who just won't take the hint that it's time to leave until you lay it plain and in no uncertain terms. Take a hike, Blues!

The Blues

The Blues showed up to hang with me
and helped me see
that I'd been blind
and way too kind.

He smoked and drank me through his funk,
which kind of stunk.
I cleaned his mess
settled for less—

and coddled him, this grownup kid
then flipped my lid
and Blues walked out.
He was a lout.

-Amy Baskin

I just can't get enough of the minute poem form. It looks straightforward and simple, but when I get playing with it, it feels more like one of those brainteaser puzzles left out to confuzzle patrons at science museums. Luckily, I've found out that Judi Korpi Webb is another puzzler worthy of the minute poem challenge. Read this and feel invigorated! Luxuriate in Judi's energy and her beautiful use of the form. Then head to yoga!

Minute Poem for a Three Hour Class
Reclaim! And don't look back. Photo credits to my favorite yoga studio.

The glassed-in room lets us see all
The raindrops fall
Sun-dappled trees
Wave in the breeze

The energy flows up and in
Through rainbow skin
Breathe in, feeling
Earth is healing

What are these chakras you speak of?
Which one is love?
Fanning the flame
Power, reclaim

-Judi Korpi Webb

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